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Nanoscale Polymer Capsules as Therapeutic Agents

ACS Nano
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August 14, 2007

Nanoscale polymer capsules have been proposed as therapeutic agents since they can be loaded with drugs and can be modified to target specific cells, including cancer cells.

Viking GC/MS and the Search for Organics on Mars

Analytical Chemistry
October 01, 2007

In 1976, NASA landed Viking 1 and 2 on Mars. Each spacecraft carried a GC/MS instrument, designed to look for organic matter in the soil of the red, dusty planet.

Using DDT to Prevent the Spread of Malaria

Environmental Science & Technology
September 15, 2007

One year after the World Health Organization recommended the use of DDT in developing countries to prevent the spread of malaria, ES&T reporter Naomi Lubick finds that the debate over the persistent pesticide’s use continues.

How Nature Makes Earth Aroma

Chemical & Engineering News
September 19, 2007

If you have ever dug into a flower bed, walked through a plowed field being readied for planting, or ventured outside after a gentle rain shower, then you have smelled geosmin, a chemical responsible for the characteristic odor of fresh, moist earth.

Exotic Molecule

Chemical & Engineering News
September 17, 2007

Photo: David Cassidy

When an electron meets its positively charged antimatter counterpart, the positron, they've been known to briefly form an exotic "atom" known as positronium before annihilating each other within nanoseconds in a burst of gamma rays.

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